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Were you a backer in our Indiegogo campaign? Check your email — survey information has gone out and we need a little paperwork from you in order to organize badges and perks!

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silly doodle…

idk, I like drawing newt’s teeny little legs uwu

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The Knifehead plushie and Kaiju skin mites I comissioned from crowtoed came today. They are all awesome, plus. very soft and cuddly.

The smaller skin mite is Boris and the larger one is Natasha. :D

EEEEEEEEE. They look like they’re playing leap-frog!

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Otachi Sparkle, Apocalypse is Magic

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I was basically star struck lol
This is aracknoid3 ( He does fantastic work (helmet lit up and there was fluid in it aaahh) and it was a pleasure speaking with him :)

An amazing Stacker spotted at MegaCon Sunday!

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Shatterdome Atlanta Ticket Sales

Thanks again to all our backers for making our Indiegogo campaign a success! We join the 10-20% (reported stats vary) of Indiegogo campaigns which meet their fundraising goals. Here are some factoids for you:

  • Over 100 backers from 5 countries helped us raise 139% of our goal!
  • About a third of our backers chose one of the “Supporter” perks, which means that even though they won’t be able to join us in Atlanta, they rock for supporting a fan-run Pacific Rim con (psst — hey, why not start a Shatterdome in your area? ;))
  • Backers will receive a total of 46 t-shirts, 26 bags, 75 buttons, 75 stickers, 63 posters, and 30 coloring books

If you didn’t/couldn’t back our Indiegogo campaign, fear not — badge presales now move to Eventbrite! You will also be able to preorder shirts, bags, and posters, and ALL badges will come with a free Shatterdome Atlanta lanyard!

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Hello! When will the artists be notified if they were accepted into having an artist's booth?
Anonymous asked

All artists have been notified at this time.

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Will there be another way to prereg?
kaijudorkspawn asked

Yes, we have just created an eventbrite page:

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Pacific Rim Rewatch: Newt's Tattoos and Hands Appreciation

(Source: ocy-)

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Final hours for Shatterdome Atlanta Indiegogo!

Can we hit $3600 for the screening stretch goal?