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Caitlin Lightcap

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Ultraman Zero VS  Gypsy Danger

My second part of my ToyverseRivals

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Sorry the Russians are hella less exciting then Stacker and the boys, I just went off the promo photo of them and stuck them in a similar layout to those early Venture Bros. character cards (?).  I grabbed Cherno from one of those Jaeger posters obvi. AND SORRY if the spelling is wrong on their names, I just grabbed them from the Wiki page. 

Weenied out of Newt’s tattoos :( and that background wowwwwwwwwwno. 


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Pacific Rim - Karate Kid mashup #cobrakai


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cosplay - [mako mori] from Pacific Rim
photog - [m. groah] from GAMCON 2014

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Robert Kazinsky as Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim (2013)

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"It’s not obedience, Mr. Becket. It’s respect."

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Pacific Rim - Tendo Choi, Chief LOCCENT Officer

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Pac Rim shippy request.

I haven’t drawn Mako in a looong time.

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